September 10, 2015 23:45 hours  

This is a list of all people we have made contact with since 2005 that have attended prior reunions or that we are able to contact for future reunions. It does not include crew members that were deceased prior to 2005 and or crew members that we have not made contact with. For a more comprehensive list, that may or may not include those crew members, please see the crew list on the site.


Don Allen Wiper 1979-1980
Connie Allard Island Public Relations 1988-1992
Jim Amlin Island Security 1975-1978
Larry Amlin Island Security 1970-1973
Dan Aylward Marketing Director / Gen. Mgr. 1982-1989
Robert Arthur Purser/Dock 1979-1984
Heidi Anderson-Dagg Gibraltar 1987
Dave Anderson Groundskeeper 1959-1993
Tom Anderson Oiler / Wiper 1958-1959
Rudy Arrendondo Deckhand  
Robert Arthur Purser / Deckhand 1979-1984
Mary Ann Atkinson    
Tim Baird Security 1985-1988
Joe Banks Security Chief 1971-1991
Virginia Barkley Roller Rink 1930's
Stephen Bart (Deceased) Island Maintenance  
Beth Beaubian Water Ski Show 1989-1990
Jeanine Bell-Huff Concessions 1968-1969
 Jeff Beach Island Maintenance Dept. 1986-1990
Theresa Bell Concessions  
Jeff Bertrand Ride Operator  
Debbie Bezaire-Deslippe Foods  
Michele Bluitt Concessions 1970's
John Boismier Security/Purser 1987-1988
Jeanine Bombadier Ride Operator 1976-1977
Michelle Bombardier-Labombba Bob-Lo Bear / PR Assistant 1980-1985
Virginia Bondy Dance Hall 1940's
Jon Booth  Purser 1974-1977
Gena Boschin  Director of Sales & Marketing Island  
Meg Boschin Island Sales Rep.  
Beth Bovitz-Lyke    
David Bowles Security 1972-1975
Alton Boyd (Deceased) Deckhand 1956-1991
Stephanie Brda-Carter Group Sales  
Bill Browning Owner 1949-1979
Ralph Browning Owner 1949-1979
Dorothy Brush Food Services 1960-1965
Sharon Bryant-Malone Bookkeeper 1978-1981
Walter Bucki Bartender  
Ron Burns Ride Operator  
Carolyn Burns-Delmore Bob-Lo Bear 1956-1960
Robin Burns-Wilson Island 1957-1961
Eldon Callahan Wheelsman 1953-1958
Jack Callahan Security 1980
Bruce Campbell Deckhand 1987-1988
Joanne Capel-Cure Island Restaurant 1984-1989
Carri Carr-Demaggio    
Carrie Carr-DeMaggio Souvenir Stand 1986
Royce Carney Security Chief 1986-1991
Robert Carter Purser 1965
Kathy Clancy-Masserant Food Services Director  
Karen Clement-Winkler Security 1987-1988
Tony Cornelius D.J. / Security 1985-1990
Brad Cosgrove    
Mike Cosgrove Security 1984-1990
Tracey Cosgrove Dock Office 1987-1991
Mary Cox-Fisher    
Kathy Cox-Kowalewski    
Roberta Cox Ride Operator 1970's
Roger Crow Deckhand 1969
Tim Dagg (Deceased) Marketing Director 1986-1992
James N. David (Deceased) Concessions 1940's
Jane Davies-Culp Food Services Supervisor 1985-1989
Jeff Davis  Ste. Claire Wheelsman 1977-1991
Bob DeGraft Concessions 1950's
Carolyn Deslippe Ride Operator Manager 1980-1987
Dan Deslippe Food, Rides & Games 1965-1970
Eric Deslippe Flume Alley Crafts 1974-1979
Jeanne Deslippe   1970
Lilli Deslippe Flume Alley Crafts 1974-1979
Ray Deslippe Grounds 1974-1986
Sarah Deslippe-Gibb Ride Manager 1987-1993
Ted Diesbourg Island Entertainment Manager 1974-1993
John Dinka Dock Manager 1980-1984
Barb Doherty-Pushman Concessions 1984-1987
Leslie Dowdell Admin-Ride Operator 1976-1978
Lucie Duby Assistant Rides Manager  
Pete Dudley Watchman 1971-1972
Nikki Dufour Bondy-Ride Operator 1970-1973
Sharleen Lucas-Dunfield Ride Operator 1979-1981
Blanche Durocher Island 1987-1993
Ann Eansor Island Early 1950's
Barbara Ellsworth-Crate    
Judy Emery    
Mark Emery (Deceased)    
Bob Engleman Lookout 1959-1991
Barbara Ellsworth-Crate    
Patricia Flemming-Russo Concessions 1982-1983
Ralph Flatt Purser /  Concessions 1964-1968
Victor Freeman Security 1974    
Elena Fracassa Security 1983-1985
Chris Galea Sanitaion/Grounds 1980-1983
George Gawadzyn Security 1991
Chris Gibb-Grounds Ride Operator Mid-1980's, 1993
Tom Gore Deckhand 1967
Kevin Gracey Cabin Porter 1971
Roderick Graham Captain 1983-1991
Bill Gray Island 1980's
Lisa Gray-Scobie Ride Operator 1986-1992
Tina Gray-Morujo Ride Operator 1984-1986
Pam Green Food Supervisor 1980's
Sue Greening Concessions 1987
Don Greenwell Purser 1972
Mark Greenwell Oiler  
Kathy Halberstadt-Bliss Concessions 1973-1979
Linda Hanke Souvenir Stand 1971-1976
Larry Hanna Concessions 1945-1950
Mike Harlan Security 1980
Dawn Sine-Heaney Concessions  
Craig Hellebuyck Musician  1979-1983
Cindy Helm-MacKay Concessions 1969
Carlos Hernandez Trumpet Player 1972
Art Herrala Captain 1949-1991
Woodie Herrala Browning Office Secretary 1952-1969
Bob Hicks D.J. 1983-1985
Larry Hoelscher Concessions 1949
Elizabeth Holden Ride Operator 1972-1976
Dennis Holleran Deckhand 1972-1974
Dave Holt Deckhand / Watchman 1972-1978
John Hopkins Amherstburg Captain 1989-1991
Ken Horner Captain 1971-1991
Nancy Horner Souvenirs 1970's
Bub Howdlett Professional Clown 1949
Sue Charette-Hood Ride Operator  
Tyron Hurd Dock/Concessions  
Maynard Hurst Dance Hall 1950's
Dave Imeson Ride Operator 1960's
Kathryn Ives-Rutherford Watercolor Portrait Booth 1972
Jason Jackson Food Service Supervisor 1987-1991
Albert Jariett Maintenance 1979-1986
Randy Jariett Maintenance 1977-1993
Herb Jensen Deckhand 1967
Rick Johnson Island Dock Manager 1970-1978
Becky Jones Bartender 1963-1966
Saide Jraige-saba Island Games  
Kraig Kamrath Concessions 1979-1980
Vince Kikel Concessions  
Steve King Entertainment - Moonlight Band 1980's
John Kizner Security 1980's - 1991
Joni Kowalski-Rakowski   1980's
Earl Kraft Musical Entertainment  
Kin Kittl Ride Operator 1975-1978
Jim Kucinski Group Sales 1966-1979
JoAnn Kunas Concessions  
Maryjo Lafata Dock 1979-1982
Bonnie LaLonge-Allen Snack Shop 1956-1959
Laura Lee LaLonge-Bezarre Food / Tickets 1964-1969
Sue LaLonge-Lischeron Souvenir Shop 1953-1956
Dave Lavergne Ride Operator 1981-1984
Jill Lezotte-Kates Sales Office 1987-1988
Patrice Lehman Photographer 1960's-1970's
Doyle Ling  Wheelsman 1985-1991
Vince Locricchio   Concession 1979
Krista Maday    
Katie Melvin-Lau    
Jody Mihal Concessions 1983
Anne-Marie Langan Office 1978-1985
Therese Langan Group Sales 1982-1985
Brenda LaRose-Cattresse Island Mid-1980's
James Lary Columbia Deckhand 1978-1979
Laura Lawicki    
Doyle Ling    
Patrick Livingston Columbia Galley 1967
Paul LeVeck Purser / Concess. / Bar / Music 1979-1981
Jill Lezotte    
Sandy Lybik Concessions / Bartender 1970's
Alan Malcolm (Deceased) Lookout  
Chris Malicki    
Hank Malicki (Deceased)    
Liz Malicki-Halo    
Art Mallot Island Dock 1981-1983
Kevin Mayer Concessions 1981-1982
Matt McAlpine Ste. Claire Purser 1977-1979
Karen McCord Photographer  
Margret McBean Ride Operator Mid-1980's
Keith McCord Photographer  
Jane McCraight Concessions 1984-1987
Mark Merchberger 2nd Assistant Engineer 1984-1991
Robert McCraight   Mid 80's
Mike McShane Watchman - Ste. Claire 1951-1953
Mark Merchberger 2nd Asst. Engineer 1984-1991
Sue Meyer-Terry Ticket Sales 1980-1985
Ursula Meyer-Senberg Ticket Sales 1979-1983
Carolyn Miller-Amlin Security 1971-1973
Delric Miller Warehouse 1987
Chris Morgan-Adder    
Brian Morrisey Island Manager 1977
Mike Mouradian Columbia Deckhand 1975-1976
Liz Murdoch-Grady Ride Operator 1990-1993
Ted Murray Ride Operator 1968-1969
Jack Nash Log Cabin / Rides 1957-1959
Louis Nellis (Deceased) 1st Mate 1960-1975
Wendy Nyhoff-Gibbons Ride Operator 1986-1987
Tom O'Neil Deckhand 1961-1962
Lyn O'Leary-Convery Island  Dock Concessions 1986-91
Stanley Osborne Deckhand 1944
Jack Ouellette Skate boy / Ride Operator 1950-1956
Laura Ouellette Food Service / Guest Relations 1984-1990
Jennifer Overgaauw-Tiesma Souvenirs / Guest Relations 1985-1991
Brian Pattison Dock Manager 1987-1992
Louis Paquette Food Service / Security  
Bob Petko    
Mike Pieronek Arcade & Bartender 1985
Phil Pifer  Oiler 1970's-1991
Alan Pretty Security 1973
John Purdie Games  
Brad Purcell Deckhand 1974
Bob Rafferty (Deceased) Cook 1973
Don Reid (Deceased) Oiler 1942-1947
Henrietta Reurink-Malizia Cafe Cashier/Ride Operator 1969-1973
James Router (Deceased) Oiler 1973
Rose Rozinski Concessions  
Mike Roberts Island Show 1992-1993
Judy Roy Island  
Lee Rusetske Concessions 1972-1973
Carrie Ryan Docks 1986-1989
Pat Sample  Concessions 1970's
John Gordon Schaad  Oiler 1960's
Al Schaffer  President 1981-1983
John Schick Concessions 1959-1974
Lois Schuerman-Greenwell Food Service  
Tim Sellan Island Security 1979-1980
Jo-Ann Selmer-Tarachowski Concessions 1973-75
Judy Shanks-Pitrowski    
Doug Shuttleworth Rides  1973-1975
Scott Shuttleworth Ride Manager / Reunion Organizer 1983-1993
Laura McDonald-Simone Island PR 1980's - 1991
Beth Shelton Concessions 1976-1980
Tim Shortt Concessions 1988-1990
Mike Simone Island Security 1983 - 1990
Cindy Sine-Polisena Food Services / Sales 1978-1992
Sue Sine-Fsadni Food Services Supervisor  
Janice Smerigan Gibraltar  
Shelley Smith-Adamo  Concessions 1971
Betsy Smith-Gamble Ride Operator 1979 - 1982
Faye Smith-Garant Ride Operator  
Frank Smith Grounds / Security  
Sarah Smith-Taylor Food Service 1964-1969
Mike Spence Island Ski Show 1992-1993
John Stafford Deckhand  
Ed (Tex) Stansfield Wheelsman  
Greg Stec Bartender 1960's-1970's
Gordon Stecker Concessions  
Vaugn E. Stecker Food Service 1980-1981
Eunice Street    
Kevin Struzik    
Mike Surgalski Captain  
Carrie Swenor-Davies Concessions 1968
Lisa Szczepaniak-Gyurcsik Souvenirs 1968
Walter Szelag Mate  
Glenn Tate    
Michelle Teno Watcher  
Marty Tighe    
Anderson Tilman Security Inspector 1978-1991
Tim Traynor 2nd Mate 1980-1990
Sue Townsend-Claringbold Food Service / Bartender 1986-1989
Shary Townsend-Ferris Concessions 1985-1988
Karen Tullock-Emerick ticket Office 1977-1981
Roger Unger Concessions 1969
Dawn Vandenham Ticket Sales / Food  
Leigh Vandenham Ride Operator  
Lorri Vandenham-Kerrigan Games  
Elaina Vargas-Harlan Concessions 1980
Lori Voutt-Morin Entertainment  
Joe Walker Concessions 1949
Tim Whalen Purser  
Brenda Weatherbie-Jariett Ride Manager 1974-1983
Julie White-Wingerden Souvenirs / Gues Relations  
Lloyd Williams Security Captain 1968-1991
Robert Wilson Island Dock Dispatcher  
John Wingerden Island Security  
Howard Wright DJ 1984-1991
James Wright Games, Security, and Grounds 1982-1991
Sally Wright-McDonald Security 1980
Ed Ynclan  Arcade 1970's
Christina Young Souvenirs 1973


Walt Argent Ste. Claire Crew member  
John Belko Ste. Claire Owner 2001-2006
Dani Benedict Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Jen Benedict Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Linda Benedict Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Mike Benedict Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Lynne Bradley Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-Present
Sam Buchanan Friendship, Ste. Claire & Columbia Advisor  
Sharon Callahan-Lewinski Ste. Claire Crew member  
Tim Callahan Ste. Claire Crew member  
Larry Clement Ste. Claire Crew member 2007
Mark Connelly Ste. Claire Crew member 2008
Art Daggett Ste. Claire Crew member 2007-Present
Kelli Jurich Ste. Claire Crew member 2007-Present
Mike Evans Ste. Claire Crew member 2006-Present
Ammar Faraj Ste. Claire Crew member 2007
Kathleen Fletcher Ste. Claire Crew member 2001
Jeff Garrett Ste. Claire Crew member 2007-Present
Shelly Gilray Ste. Claire Crew member 2008-Present
Chelle Hamel Ste. Claire Crew member  
Jim Kasuba News-Herald Reporter 2008
Ron Kattoo Ste. Claire Owner 2006-Present
Chis Klavitter Ste. Claire Crew member 2005-Present
Pat Klavitter Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-Present
Rich Klavitter Ste. Claire Crew member 2005-Present
Kristy Ste. Claire Crew member  
Rose Keel Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-Present
Leo Kueschel Bob-Lo Artist and Supporter  
Sue Kueschel Bob-Lo Artist and Supporter  
Manyun Dai Lens Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Mike Lens Ste. Claire Crew member 2003-Present
Mike Lewinski Shipkeeper 2005-Present
April Mann Ste. Claire Crew member  
John Milberg Ste. Claire Crew member 2005-Present
David Miramonti Ste. Claire Crew member  
Steve Najor Ste. Claire Owner 2006-Present
Saqib Nakadar Ste. Claire Owner 2006-Present
Nicole Orow Ste. Claire Owner 2006-Present
Al Poe Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-2005
Lisa Poe Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-2005
Becca Poe Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-2005
John Polasek Ste. Claire Crew member  
Nicole Rzeszutek Ste. Claire Crew member 2008
Don Shannon Ste. Claire Crew member 2004-2008
Kevin Unger Ste. Claire Crew member 2008
Mike Wallis Ste. Claire Crew member  
Deanna Whitman Ste. Claire Crew member  
Andy Whitman Ste. Claire Crew member  
Keith Wilson Ste. Claire Crew member 2002-Present
Matthew Winkler Ste. Claire Crew member 2007-Present All rights reserved.